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Shiny Zipper

Shiny Zipper Do you already know what the new metal zippers are like? Do you know all the possibilities that we can offer you? Do you know how many finishes we have? Improve the image of your clothing or leather goods by means of an attractive, functional zipper that is totally in line with new […]

Discover the 2MF zipper

Discover 2MF zipper Do you still think that metal zippers only can be applied on tough and thick fabrics? This is because you do not know the 2MF zipper, adapted for soft and light fabrics, inner pockets and small leather goods. This number 2 metal zipper is characterized by its extreme thinness and lightness, providing […]

Do we build a sustainable future together?

Do we build a sustainable future together? At YKK’s Cycle of Goodness philosophy, environmental management is recognized as one of our fundamental pillars. This desire to protect the environment was materialized in 1994 by signing the Environmental Commitment to approach and promote environment’s harmony as the highest priority of our business activity. That is why […]


Regarding the situation generated by COVID-19, we inform you that YKK ESPAÑA, S.A. is taking the necessary measures for the continuity of our habitual activity. We are applying the means at our disposal that guarantee maximum safety and prevention for employees and facilities, based on the recommendations of the Health authorities. The Commercial and Customer […]


YKK will be participating at SICUR exhibition that will be held at IFEMA-Madrid from 25 to 28 February 2020. Come and visit us and we will present our fastening products catalogue specially designed for applications in Personal Protective Equipment, clothing for Security Forces, Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Medical Services and Industry. We will be waiting […]

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