The YKK Fastening Products Group is trusted worldwide for its impeccable production standards and thorough quality control processes for slide fasteners, plastic hardware, hook and loop fasteners, webbing tapes, and snap and buttons. Production and supply systems have been integrated to meet all of the needs of our customers worldwide. Now the world’s textile and sewing industries are seeing even greater diversification in consumer needs as well as shorter product cycles. YKK is responding by working even harder to speed up product development and reduce production costs. 

YKK manufactures and markets a wide range of zippers, with a primary focus on three types: metal, coil, and VISLON®. The metal zipper has the longest history and is suited for various applications such as jackets, luggage, jeans and others. A coil zipper is made of spiral plastic elements. This is the softest zipper among the three types of zippers. The VISLON® zipper is made of injection molded plastic elements. Rich element color variations are created by formulating the color pigment during the injection process.

Textile and Plastic
YKK has developed a variety of Hook & Loop products which can be used for a wide range of applications, such as medical, diaper, automotive and more.
YKK utilizes advanced technology gained from many years of experience in molded injection for its plastic hardware.

Metal buttons and snaps
Due to the high quality of our products, our highly efficient and specially designed attaching machines and individualized technical advice for our highly trained engineers, YKK’s Snap Fastener & Button Division has a well deserved reputation for high quality fasteners in the world’s apparel industry.

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