No one prospers without rendering benefit to others

This is the thought of Tadao Yoshida, founder of YKK, summarized in the “Cycle of Goodness” on which the activities of the YKK Group are based.

Thus, he argued that well-being should be shared with all related parties. This approach is carried out in different areas such as the quality of life, well-being and equality of individuals and respect and protection of the environment, to ensure the prosperity of the local communities in which YKK develops its activity.


YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance

YKK Group companies seek to delight their customers, earn the high regard of society and make their employees happy and proud. To achieve this, YKK is improving the quality of products, technology and management. Fairness is the fundamental standard for all business operations of the YKK Group, this being the basis for management decisions.


Philosophy of YKK and the management principle are reflected at the core values ​​that are aimed to create opportunities for employees, insistence on the quality of everything, and build trust, transparency and respect.

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