New collection SS24!

New collection Spring/Summer 2024!

Come and discover the newness for this Spring/Summer.

This season we have a wide variety of sustainable snaps and zippers available.

Divided into 4 large blocks, you can find ecological zippers and snaps, a Snap ADVANCEN® button made with regenerated nylon ECONYL®, a polished metal zipper with regenerated nylon tape for garment dyeing and also a zipper that minimizes the use of raw material.

Nylon Potential 

  • VISLON® NATULON® Moulded plastic zipper with regenerated nylon chain ECONYL®.
  • EXCELLA® NATULON® Polished metal zipper with regenerated nylon tape ECONYL®. 
  • Snap button ADVANCEN® made with regenerated nylon for circular fashion ECONYL®.
  • EXCELLA® NATULON® Polished metal zipper with regenerated nylon tape ECONYL® for garment dyeing.  


  • VISLON® Flat Moulded plastic zipper with laser marking for personalisation.
  • EXCELLA® PRIFA® Polished metal zipper with design printing on grosgrain tape. 
  •  FLEXFIX® Bright colours durable snap fastener.
  • NATULON® Coil zipper with recycled polyester tape and coloured grip puller.
  • CONCEAL® Invisible coil zipper with open-end feature. 
  • CONCEAL® Invisible coil zipper with cotton tape for ready to dye production.

Tech Apparel 

  •  AquaGuard® Water repellent coil zipper with no harmfull chemicals.
  • Coil zipper on mesh tape with reflective puller.

  • Coil zipper with Fold-over Tape.

  • FLEXFIX® Flat Extra durable, extra flat snap fastener with a plastic cap.


  • EXCELLA® Light Aluminium durable matt grey elements. 
  • EXCELLA® NATULON® Large recycled tape.
  • FLEXFIX® Flat Durable snap fastener in two sizes.
  • EXCELLA® Sublimation transfer print for the slider and the puller.  
  • VISLON® NATULON® Injected plastic zipper with personalised bottom stop.
  • AquaGuard® Personalised UV printing, eco-friendly water repellence.

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New collection SS24!
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