Do we build a sustainable future together?


Do we build a sustainable future together?

At YKK’s Cycle of Goodness philosophy, environmental management is recognized as one of our fundamental pillars.

This desire to protect the environment was materialized in 1994 by signing the Environmental Commitment to approach and promote environment’s harmony as the highest priority of our business activity.

That is why YKK has developed different sustainable products, such as the Natulon® range of recycled items, the recyclable Nylon mono-material, as well as different product proposals made from plant materials such as GreenRise® zippers, organic cotton zippers or Lyocell zippers with TENCEL ™ fibers. We have also started the introduction of Eco-Dye® technology to reduce the use of water in the dyeing process.

In March 2020 YKK signed the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, committing ourselves not only to continue implementing sustainable products development and manufacturing processes, but also to collaborate with our customers to work together for the environmental protection.

For this reason, we would like to identify your needs and be able to develop sustainable actions in all areas, not only in products and manufacturing, but also in packaging, storage, transport….


Let’s collaborate!

Contact us to start new actions and sustainable projects!

Do we build a sustainable future together?
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