Author: Alejandra Campos

Fastening products that reflect the voice of the field. Reduce time, manpower, and costs to “reduce the impact of the wind”

Safety mesures for workers and residents are essential on construction sites. One way to achieve this is to use Building Sheet (construction sheets) to enclose the construction site and prevent tools and people from falling. We spoke with three members of YKK AP RUXy Inc., wich handles repair work on buildings and condominiums, and YKK […]

New collection SS24!

New collection Spring/Summer 2024! Come and discover the newness for this Spring/Summer. This season we have a wide variety of sustainable snaps and zippers available. Divided into 4 large blocks, you can find ecological zippers and snaps, a Snap ADVANCEN® button made with regenerated nylon ECONYL®, a polished metal zipper with regenerated nylon tape for […]

A Zipper Made From Recycled Marine Plastics Product Development Story: NATULON® Ocean Sourced™

NATULON® Ocean Sourced™ is a fastening product with tape made of recycled marine plastics. Here, we present the significance, history, and future potential of this item, created out of a desire to help reduce environmental pollution in our oceans. SUSTAINABILITY TECHNOLOGY With the creation of the YKK Sustainability Vision 2050, YKK is working toward global environmental initiatives. […]

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